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Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay

Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay

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Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay

Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay

Journal Article Critiques

These critiques should be between 1.5 and 2 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman (12 point) font, and with 1” margins on all sides. Please include and APA style cover page, page numbers and headers/sub headers, in text citations, and works cited page.

Summary: The summary should be between 1 and 2 paragraphs. This should briefly explain the authors’ purpose(s), method, and results (main findings in your own words. No numbers.) Keep the summary informative, but concise (less than a page).


Critique: You should critique the articles based on the following criteria. Be sure to completely and concisely address each point. Remember this should be a critical assessment or the study (objective). DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR OPINION. Paraphrase , no direct quotes Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.

1. Purpose/Research Question: Determine the authors’ purpose of the research and state it in your own words. Comment on how clearly this was presented in the article.
2. Method: Comment on how appropriate the method used was for addressing the purpose. State if the method was employed effectively.
3. Evidence of Support: Examine the method and results of the article and determine if they helped the authors effectively address the purpose presented. Also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and the study as a whole. Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.
4. Real World Application: After reading the discussion section summarize any real world implications the authors suggest. Also give your own suggestions for the real world application of the study and its’ findings.
5. Recommendations: Determine who might benefit from the article, what the benefit may be, and the importance of the benefit. Here you may summarize your subjective judgments of the work and suggestions on how to improve or extend the work Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.

Super-Sized Kids

Morbid obesity is a serious condition that exists in many populations. Patel (2005) explains that close to 60% of the American population is overweight, with a majority of them being children. In fact, close to 5.3 million youngsters in the U.S are obese,  accounting for 30% of all the American children (Patel, 2005). Morbid obese children display a BMI measurement that is higher than 30. The higher the BMI figure, the most likely the child would contract ailments related to obesity. The author sought to elaborate the main causes of morbid obesity amongst children. He employed a quantitative analysis method to scrutinize several case studies on American families.  He established that morbid obesity was mainly caused by family neglect, unhealthy eating habits, and lack of enough physical exercising. A combination of these factors ultimately leads to accumulation of body fat. The researcher recommended the need for education amongst families on controlling diet through government-initiated programs, and engaging children in more physical exercises. Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.

Purpose of Research

Patel (2005) purposed to determine the causes of morbid obesity amongst children. The author presented his views about morbid children in children concisely, by offering valid evidence, specifically amongst kids in the U.S. He explains the eating trends amongst the population, noting an increase of sugar intake from 24 ounces to 48 ounces for the past 15 years amongst American families. The author succeeds in formulating the basis of his question by stating that genetic patterns in families play a crucial role in a child’s weight. Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.


The researcher analyzed a number of case studies of families whose children experienced complications related to morbid obesity in the U.S. The studies covered a variety of families across the country, notably the state of Iowa, Indiana, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Texas. Since the cases under study were from different states, the research attained diversity. The author eradicated any chances of errors that would arise from bias on one region. The study results would therefore display the true picture of obesity in children living in the country. This way, the researcher was guaranteed of accurate results Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.

Evidence of Support

The researcher derived that many cases of child obesity were as a result of family negligence, which led to sedentary behavior and unhealthy eating. Specifically, one household in California experienced the death of their child due to inattention.  The mother gave consent for the child to abandon school, so as to give her maximum care. However, the child resorted to watching television and uncontrolled eating. Besides, the mother was also obese, therefore, could not offer adequate care Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay. The child was later found dead in the sitting room.  The evidence was relevant enough to ascertain that neglect is the main cause of child obesity in the U.S. However, the indication failed to reveal whether there were other family members responsible for care, since the mother was also obese, a factor that could hinder provision of maximum care.

Real World Application

The article is educative, since it highlights the plights faced by families with histories of obesity.  The author suggests that it is vital for the society to ensure the safety and wellness of families suffering from health related problems, especially obesity. Since obesity may be acquired through genetics, teachers in the community can identify overweight families through observing children in schools. Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay This way, they can incorporate strategies that ensure proper practices in the child and the family in general. In the long run, the family benefits in engaging in proper practices that guarantee healthier lives.


The article is beneficial to families that have histories with obesity. It helps them understand the prevalence of obesity and therefore, engage in practices that ensure better health. Besides, obese children can gain extensively from this research, and refrain from unhealthier practices like poor eating habits and sedentary behaviors. This way, the community is guaranteed of a healthy and competent young generation.  Additionally, government officials can learn on the causes of morbid obesity in children. Since it may be difficult to reach all families to educate on interventions, federal officials can collaborate with learning institutions to implement   strategies that deter behaviors promoting obesity. For instance, they can enact feeding packages that exclude fatty foods and enforce mandatory physical education programs to ensure all children are active. This way, the government is guaranteed of a healthy population.


Patel, D. (2005). Super‐sized kids. Family Court Review, 43(1), 164-177.

doi:10.1111/j.1744-1617.2005.00015.x Super sized kids Sample Article Critique Essay.

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