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NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal

NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal

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NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal

NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal

Practicum Experience Journal

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As I begin my practicum, I believe it is important to familiarize myself with and utilize established nursing theories to maximize the experience. As I pondered on which theory to use I thought about what theory I would want a healthcare provider to use as they are caring for me. I feel that Paterson & Zderad’s Humanistic Nursing Theory will assist me and guide my practicing. It portrays the potential to mold me into the practitioner I hope to become. NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal.

The Humanistic Nursing Theory rose up out of Paterson’s and Zderad’s desire for an approach to improve things for healthcare professionals and their patients as they interacted with and performed the day to day activities of nursing practice (Parker & Smith, 2010). They felt the need to offer a method for reacting to the call of human needs NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal. At the point when a healthcare professional reacts to a call of a health-related concern, she enters the universe of another, offering to, figuratively, experiences existence with that individual. From these experiences, they can encourage patients or their friends and family to be as much as they can be in the circumstances in which they are in. Humanistic Nursing Theory offers nurses an approach to light up the qualities and implications central to their lived encounters, so they may impart them to other healthcare providers and coordinate them into their nursing practice (Parker & Smith, 2010) NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal.


Practicum Objectives

The accompanying objective for this practicum encounter are framed from the Humanistic Nursing Theory while including the professionals seven domains of practice.

 Objective 1 – Scientific Foundation Competence

Demonstrate competence in the utilization of scientific foundation. This objective will be fulfilled by thinking critically, pondering on research information, applying this evidence to enhancing practice methods and improving patient outcomes NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal.

Objective 2 – Leadership Competencies

            Demonstrate competence in application of leadership skills. This objective will be fulfilled by embracing leadership skills to facilitate change, establish a working relationship with an interdisciplinary team and other parties to improve healthcare, and portraying the ability to effectively communicate.

Objective 3 – Quality Care Competencies

            Demonstrate competence in the application of quality care. this objective will be fulfilled by applying the best and most contemporary research discoveries to clinical practice, tailor care to each situation and utilize intercessions as necessary, and thinks about the complex connections between cost, safety, access, and quality in healthcare conveyance. NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal.

Objective 4 – Ethical Competencies

Demonstrate competence in the application of ethics. This objective will be fulfilled by using ethics in decision-making, analyzing the ethical impact of all decisions, and comprehending moral complexities in healthcare conveyance to people and populaces.

Objective 5 – Health Delivery System Competencies

            Demonstrate competence in the understanding of health care delivery system. This objective will be fulfilled by minimizing patient/provider risks, developing culturally competent care, dissecting effect of health care on all partners, incorporating knowledge of associations and systems to enhance healthcare and working with others to enhance the continuum of healthcare.

Objective 6 – Policy Competencies

            Demonstrate competence in the application of health policy. This objective will be fulfilled by understanding the association of clinical practice and policy, analyzing cross-disciplinary effect of approach, and elevating ethical ways to deal with enhancing access, cost, and quality.

Objective 7 – Technology & Information Literacy Competencies

Demonstrate competence in the application of technology. This objective will be fulfilled by appropriately using technology to manage information, to evaluate the care delivered and translate health information to other members of the healthcare team.


Weekly Goals

The following are goals that I hope to adequately achieve during this practicum experience over these next ten weeks.


Week 1 – Establish a relationship with preceptor, develop an understanding of the expectations of the clinical site, observe basic workflow and population of patients seen and set realistic and achievable goals with preceptor.

Week 2 – Demonstrate the ability to adequately communicate with preceptor and other members of the health care team at clinical site.

Week 3 – Begin to effectively demonstrate the ability to perform a physical assessment on patients and document findings within the electronic medical record.

Week 4 – Demonstrate the capacity to successfully evaluate patient side effects, determine the conceivable intercessions required and apply those indications to justifications for interventions.

Week 5 – Demonstrate the capacity to perform a problem centered appraisal and aid in the patient specific care plan development NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journa.

Week 6 – Demonstrate the ability to apply assessment findings to a treatment plan and document interventions/plan

Week 7 – Demonstrate the ability to assess and give suitable recommendations to interventions and additional treatments.

Week 8 – Assess objectives/goals set with preceptor and have effectively finished or partially finished 80% of those objective/goals.

Week 9Conduct thorough assessment and documentation of an established/returning individual and suggest fitting treatment or mediations.

Week 10 – Perform and document a complete and thorough assessment of a patient that is new to the clinical site and suggest suitable medications and additional intercessions.



Consensus Model for ARNP Regulation. Retrieved from

Parker, M. E., & Smith, M. C. (2010). Nursing theories & nursing practice. 3rd ed.

Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Co.

The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. (2017). Nurse practitioner

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org/resource/resmgr/competencies/2017_NPCoreComps_with_Curric.pdf NURS 6531 : Practice Care of Adults – Practicum Experience Journal


Nursing Experts

Nursing Experts

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