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Georgia State University Harvard Governance Failure at Satyam Case Study Paper

Georgia State University Harvard Governance Failure at Satyam Case Study Paper

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Assignment: Students must address the following questions in an essay:

  • Discuss the circumstances under which Satyam’s fraud was exposed. What do you think were the reasons for the fraud? How was the fraud able to occur?
  • Critically evaluate the corporate governance mechanisms adopted by Satyam. What characteristics of the board of directors may prevent financial statement fraud? What lessons about the audit committee can be learned from this case? What other governance mechanisms should be adopted to ensure compliance?

Directions: : Must address the questions above in a typed document (double spaced; 12-point font; 5 pages maximum; essay format). Strong responses will reference the material covered in Chapter 10 of our textbook, as well as the additional readings suggested on the following page. You may also conduct your own research on existing literature to formulate answers to the questions posed above.

Guidelines: Please note the following:

  • All case reports are to be written (double spaced) using 12 point type with a serif font for the body (Times New Roman) and sans serif font for headings (Calibri). The report should follow correct form, spelling, grammar, etc. The body of the paper should be no more than five pages including specific recommendations supported by your analyses. Number the pages.
  • The report may include an assortment of charts, tables, and exhibits in an appendix to support your analyses and recommendations. Do not add exhibits that are already included in the case. Each exhibit must be referenced and discussed in the body of the paper. The appendix does not count towards the main body limit of five pages.
  • Please reference all sources used in the main body of the report.
  • The main body of your report should contain sufficient detail to explain and support the major issues identified in the case and the primary recommendations for solving these problems. Do not just rehash case facts. Present an insightful and unique analysis.
  • The reports will be judged according to standards of effective business communication. They should be clear and cogent.
  • The criteria for grading case reports include:
  • Use of appropriate analytical techniques, sound logic, and well-supported arguments in evaluating the organization’s present condition and future prospects.
  • Evidence of your ability to formulate realistic and workable recommendations for action. Quality contributions will reference the material in Chapter 10 of your textbook, as well as the additional readings suggested below.
  • Thoroughness — both (a) scope and coverage and (b) depth of analysis.
  • Use of a clear and effective writing style; i.e. strong communication skills.

Suggested Readings and Material:

Bronner, R. (2003). “Pathologies of Decision-Making: Causes, Forms, and Handling,” Management International Review, 43, pp. 85-101.

Camillus, J.C. (2008). “Strategy as a Wicked Problem,” Harvard Business Review, May, pp. 98-106.

Certo, S.T., Connelly, B.L., and Tihanyi, L. (2008). “Managers and Their Not-So Rational Decisions,” Business Horizons, 51, pp. 113-119.

De La Rama, M. (2012). “Corporate Governance and Corruption: Ethical Dilemmas of Asian Business Groups,” Journal of Business Ethics, 109: 501-519.

Paine, Lynn, Rohit Deshpandé, Joshua D. Margolis, and Kim Eric Bettcher (2005). “Up to Code: Does Your Company’s Conduct Meet World-Class Standards?” Harvard Business Review, December, pp. 122-133.

Soltani, Bahram (2014). “The Anatomy of Corporate Fraud: A Comparative Analysis of High Profile American and European Corporate Scandals,” Journal of Business Ethics, 120: 251-274.

Shi, W., Connelly, B.L., and Hoskisson, R.E. (2016). “External corporate governance and financial fraud: Cognitive evaluation theory insights on agency theory prescriptions.” Strategic Management Journal, 38(6): 1268-1286.

Nursing Experts

Nursing Experts

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